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PK-COMPACT: How can it mitigate Legionella?

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 30, 2022 10:54:31 AM / by Patterson-Kelley posted in PK-COMPACT

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Legionella is a concern for all commercial, health and institutional domestic water systems. This is the bacterium that is linked to Legionnaires’ disease and it is important that all water systems have the correct processes to fight against any possible growth of Legionella bacteria. After Legionella grows and multiplies in a water system, water containing the bacteria can spread in droplets small enough for people to breath in leading to the contracting of legionnaire’s disease. (4) In this Patterson-Kelley blog, we will educate our readers on the main causes of Legionella growth in water systems, the proper way to alleviate the dangers of Legionella, and the efficiency of our COMPACT units Legionella deterring processes.

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