Uncovering the Truth Behind Aluminum Boilers Insight Webinar

May 2nd, 2018 | 2:00pm EST & 11:00am PST

MACH® Aluminum Condensing Boiler SmallPatterson-Kelley’s 30-minute new educational webinar will provide an exclusive view of how aluminum heat exchangers can be utilized in a market where they have been misunderstood. During the webinar, we will discuss the capabilities and best application practices of aluminum boilers to provide an overall understanding of aluminum heat exchanger’s functionality and suitability within the market. Join David Connors to learn more about aluminum boilers and how they can be the perfect solution to your heating needs. 

The ongoing debate between stainless steel and aluminum heat exchangers has created confusion and contention in the heating industry. Through this webinar, we hope to educate and inform you about aluminum heat exchangers; the truth without bias. At Patterson-Kelley we have the experience and expertise to recognize the value of aluminum boilers in the market, and look forward to sharing this with you. 

You can read more about aluminum heat exchangers here.

About the Speaker

Dave ConnorsDavid Connors has been working in the HVAC industry in excess of 35 years. His career has taken him to several different companies, starting in 1981 as an HVAC contractor. In 1992, Mr. Connors started at Clinton Company as a technical trainer before moving to Technical Director at Robert Bosch in 2003. In 2010, Mr. Connors found a home at Patterson-Kelley as Sales Support Manager, Business Development Manager, and National Account Sales Manager. David Connors majored in Psychology at Utah State University. He is an avid outdoorsman and currently resides in Stroudsburg, PA with his wife and has two children.

About Patterson-Kelley

Patterson-Kelley, a division of the Harsco Industrial Groups (HSC), is the leading provider and producer of commercial hot water heating solutions serving the commercial heating industry with the best-known and most respected products in the field. With over 135 years of experience and an innovative R&D pipeline, we provide a full line of condensing and non-condensing boilers, semi-instantaneous water heaters, and an array of commercial boiler and water heating products including gas fired, dual fuel and outdoor boilers.